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What is the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)
and do I qualify?

The Smart Export Guarantee is a scheme that enables you to get paid for the energy you already generate and pay for on a monthly basis, no matter how small the amount of renewable energy you export to the grid.

It is very simple and available to all homeowners who apply to install a renewable energy generating system using one of the following technologies which are now readily available from your energy supplier.

Smart Export Guarantee tariff

Following the closure of the Feed-in Tariff scheme to new applicants in March 2019, the government recognised the need to pay homeowners using renewable energy generators for the electricity they export to the grid.

Under the scheme, all licenced energy suppliers must provide at least one Smart Export Guarantee tariff. Suppliers will speak to you about the range of ways in which you can be paid for your export.

If you already receive a Feed-in Tariff on your installation, this will be unaffected by the launch of the Smart Export Guarantee.
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  • Save an average of £297.45 per annum on your energy bills**
  • GET PAID for your energy
  • Join the Government's NEW Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) Scheme
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